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    FACE is for crew by crew. The FACE Committee is run by 6 members of the Emirates Cabin Crew to provide social and cultural events in Dubai to bring members together and introduce them to the fantastic city of Dubai. The FACE club consists of more then 16000 members from the Emirates Airlines cabin crew. These FACE members are young, active and are willing to explore what Dubai has to offer on any day of the week. FACE provides the members with Social and Sporting Events, Beach and Gym access and also provides complimentary Deals and Discounts with a number of Food & Beverages outlets in Dubai.



    1. Always let the Venue know you are a FACE card holder and confirm the discount with them before you order.
    2. If there is any disagreement with the venue you are required by law to settle your bill as stated by the venue. Once this has been paid you should email the face team to report any problems with discounts.
    3. Do not at any time give your FACE card to any other person for them to receive a discount. This may result in confiscation of your FACE card by the venue and suspension from the Face club.
    4. Ask every venue you visit if they offer FACE discount (FACE will only promote venues that provide discount greater than 20% however there are outlets that will provide FACE discount still)


    Q. I have lost my FACE card? How do I get a new one?
    Please visit the Cabin Crew Service Centre to fill out a replacement request form. There is a charge of Dhs200 for the 1st replacement. For the 2nd incident and onwards, a fee of Dhs500 will be charged for each replacement requests.

    Q. What is the minimum discount FACE club will advertise?
    We will only advertise shops and venues that will offer FACE members a minimum of 25% discount. Some outlets in Dubai might give you smaller discounts however we are committed to supporting and promoting venues that offer min 25% to FACE.

    Q. Will FACE issue dependant cards?
    No, FACE will only ever be available for the cabin crew of Emirates. Giving additional FACE cards dilutes the demographic and exclusiveness of the FACE club.

    Q. I have a contact at an outlet who wants to give FACE discount?
    Please send their contact details to savannah.pereira@facecard.org. Please include the Venues Name, Managers email and phone number and the level of discount they are or want to provide to FACE Club members.

    Q. Why do we need to bring our Emirates ID and FACE card to the Gyms and Beach Clubs?
    FACE buys corporate packages for the FACE Gym and Beach Clubs. To ensure that slots are not filled by ex FACE staff who have left the company, this policy has and will always remain. Please remember when using these facilities you are representing FACE and Emirates Airlines.

    Q. How come some venues change their discounts and it is not reflected on the discount list?

    FACE Constitution
    Table of Contents         
    1. PURPOSE 

    2. MEMBERSHIP   

        2.1 Full membership    
        2.2 Associate membership  
        2.3 Honorary Membership  
        2.4 Membership Fees  
        2.5 Membership Process  
        2.6 Membership cancellation 
        2.7 Lost membership cards 

        4.1 Functions of the Committee
        4.2 Authority of Committee members
        4.3 Requirements of the Executive Committee
        4.4 Meetings


        5.1 President
        5.2 Beach Club & Gym Membership Co-Ordinator
        5.3 Social & Arts Co-ordinator
        5.4 Sports Co-ordinator
        5.5 Social & Events Co-ordinator
        5.6 Deals & Discount Co-ordinator
        5.7 FACE Assistant
        5.8 Advisory Committee
        5.9 Club’s Organizational Chart
        5.9 Secondary/Deputising Roles
        5.10 Volunteers
        5.11 Election of Executive Committee Members
        5.12 Recognition of Committee members time
        8.1 Financial Management 
        8.2 Approval of Club Expenditures 
        8.3 Petty Cash Control

        9.1 Social/sports Events 
        9.2 Partner Outlets
        9.3 Sponsorship/Discounts 
        9.4 Communications/Club branding

    1. PURPOSE
    The Flight Attendants Club of Emirates is henceforth referred to as FACE.
    FACE shall be a voluntary nonprofit making organization with a goal to utilize its generated revenue to meet its stated objectives.
    The aim of FACE is to provide social, recreational and cultural activities to its members based in Dubai and where possible at locations where its members may travel to, on the Emirates network.  FACE will also establish, deliver and promote a range of benefits / discounts in conjunction with retailers, outlets and recreational facilities by harnessing the profile of the crew population.
    FACE will arrange events for its members keeping in mind that such should appeal to the broad membership base.
    FACE will promote interaction amongst its members and enhance social networks.
    FACE is not officially registered as a Social Club within UAE.

    a) To promote friendship, goodwill and understanding amongst its members
    b) To arrange memberships at Fitness clubs
    c) To arrange and encourage social and cultural events for its members
    d) To arrange and sponsor sport and recreational activities for its members
    e) To source and offer discounts at retail / recreational outlets for the benefit of its members
    f) To secure / arrange b) to e) in and around Dubai and where possible at other locations on the EK network
    g) To provide a point of contact and routinely communicate to its members
    • Membership of FACE is for personal use only and is non-transferable.
    • Members may be required to produce their FACE membership card and must do so on request by any authorized person acting on behalf of any club, organization or venue where membership of FACE allows entry to or provides a discount on food, drink or services.
    • For Corporate membership ie. Gym and Beach Club membership FACE members are required to present their Emirates ID along with their FACE card for access.
    2.1 Full membership - Open to all Emirates Cabin Crew up to and including the position of Senior Flight Purser.
    2.2 Associate membership - Associate Single Membership is open to those who meet certain criteria agreed by the Committee and are directly involved in a professional capacity with the cabin crew of Emirates Airline.
    The only ground based Emirates department staff eligible to apply for associate membership will be:
    • Service Delivery
    • Human Resources Business Support – Service Delivery
    • Human Resources Recruitment- Cabin Crew only
    • Employee Assistance Program team
    • Network Control & Logistics.
    o Only below departments:
     NCL- Senior Management & Administrative
     Crew Control- Crew Superintendents
     Cabin Changes
     Crew Planning/Records
     Cabin Crew Planners
     Pre-Operations
    This can be reviewed by the Committee annually with no obligation to increase percentage of members.
    The Executive Committee can at its sole discretion and upon unanimous votes accept applications and nomination for Associate members for individuals that have certain skills, expertise or can assist in furthering the interest of FACE.
    Associate Memberships may be withdrawn at any time and at the discretion of the committee. Associate membership shall be liable for the fees as determined by the Executive Committee. Access to certain facilities (Hotels, Beach or Gyms) and certain events may be restricted or have a different pricing structure for associate members.
    Every member shall notify the FACE Assistant in writing of any impending change in their status that might affect eligibility for membership.
    2.3 Honorary Membership - Can only be proposed by a Committee Member and must be voted on by the Committee for people who have provided exceptional service to FACE. Honorary memberships will only be offered to Emirates employees.
    Memberships will be offered for 12 months only. The Executive Committee shall from time to time and in its absolute discretion review the status of members and notify the members accordingly of any change in category of membership.
    Every member shall notify the FACE Assistant in writing of any impending change in their status that might affect eligibility for membership. Status of eligibility will be reviewed on a yearly basis.
    2.4 Membership Fees - Registration Fee: Free for Cabin Crew and Free for Associate Members.
    Monthly fee: AED20 for Full Membership
    AED20 for Associate members
    AED20 for Honorary Members
    a) Every member shall pay a monthly membership fee as fixed by the Executive Committee.
    b) The Executive committee at its discretion may fix a higher fee structure for any membership with a minimum notice period of 3 months. Any fee increase will be reflected in the FACE accounts.
    c) The fees shall be applied towards achieving the objectives of the club. The Executive Committee can revise the membership fees if they are insufficient to cover the expenses of achieving its objectives. This will be done with unanimous Committee agreement and provided there is agreement from two thirds of the Members (to be rounded up for majority).
    d) No refund shall be made if a member resigns.
    e) A member who requests a reissue of his/her membership card due to loss or damage is required to pay an administrative fee of 200aed as determined by the FACE Committee.
    f) Members who become ineligible to be members of the club due to any reason must surrender his/her membership card to the FACE Assistant or its nominee. Failure to surrender membership card shall attract a penalty as determined by the FACE Committee.
    2.5 Membership Process
    • Automatic membership for all Emirates Cabin Crew upon signing of their willingness to join the club during their ab-initio training.  Cabin Crew have the option to opt out of the Club by e-mailing the FACE Assistant at savannah.periera@facecard.com.
    • Associate members will be issued membership based on eligibility.
    • Membership cards are pre-printed and delivered on final day of Ab-initio training.
    • Membership monthly fees shall be deducted from each member’s salary through Payroll in the month following distribution of cards.
    2.6 Membership Cancellation
    • Any member intending to cancel their membership needs to inform the club and hand in his/her card for cancellation.
    • FACE member has to return the FACE card and only then would the FACE Assistant stop the monthly deduction from the member’s salary.
    • Should the member fail to hand his/her card, FACE has the right to deduct AED 200 fine from their salary.
    • On leaving the role of Cabin Crew or resigning from Emirates Airlines, FACE card is one of the mandatory cards required to be handed in. Failure to do so will result in a Return Admin Fee being charged to their salary at End of Service.
    2.7 Lost membership cards - A lost card should be reported immediately to the FACE Assistant via email savannah.periera@facecard.com.
    • Lost Card Administrative Fee will be AED 200 which will be deducted from the member’s salary.
    • If a member can provide a police report regarding their stolen cards, the card will be issued free of charge.
    • In the event a crewmember loses their FACE Card on a fourth instance the Club has the right to exclude the person from the Club membership.
    Upon receiving membership, all members are requested at all times to behave in such a way that their behaviour will not cause embarrassment to Emirates Airline, the club or other members of FACE.
    Misuse of Membership Card, Privileges provided, Facilities or Equipment will result in cancellation of the membership.
    FACE membership cards remain the property of FACE and can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice but with reason.
    The club may on the recommendation of the FACE Committee suspend or terminate any membership for any action deemed by the Executive committee to be contrary to the best interest of the club.
    The FACE Committee has a duty to inform Cabin Crew Management of all inappropriate behavior that has brought the reputation of Emirates Group in to disrepute.  Disciplinary action may be taken by Cabin Crew Management against the individuals whose conduct warrants such action.
    1. The club may on the recommendation of the FACE Committee suspend or terminate any membership for any action deemed by the FACE Committee to be contrary to the best interests of the club.
    2. In addition Cabin Crew Management also reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the individuals whose conduct warrants such action.
    • The affairs of FACE shall be administered by an FACE Committee of elected members in association with designated Advisory Committee members. 
    • Executive Committee member positions are open only to the FULL members (CABIN CREW) of the club.
    • Advisory Committee members shall be identified from within Service Delivery Management and relevant support departments. They are included in references to the Committee below.
    • An Advisory Chairman and a designated Senior Manager will ensure appropriate and compliant governance. Delegated authority will be agreed with the Executive Chairman for defined decisions and financial expenditure over AED 25,000 per contract.  Expenditure Approval Levels outline in Section 9.2.
    4.1 Functions of the Committee
    • The Committee shall have executive power regarding the functions of FACE.
    • They shall be responsible for planning future policy of the club.
    • They shall be responsible for establishing the “action plan” and the “calendar of events” for the financial/working year and implementing them. The activities shall be restricted only to those that have a direct impact on achieving the overall purpose/objectives of the club.
    • All resolutions taken in the Committee meeting shall be passed by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote in the absence of an express provision to the contrary in this constitution.
    (Exception to this is when a unanimous vote or Advisory Committee approval is required)
    • Shall have the right to terminate or suspend any member that did not respect the rules and regulations of the Club or whose conduct in the opinion of the Committee renders the Member unfit for membership
    • The Committee may engage facilities, enter into contracts with commercial establishments, organisations it considers necessary for achieving the objectives of the club. These costs shall be paid out of the funds of the club.
    4.2 Authority of Committee members
    • The Committee can remove standing Committee members with a majority vote.
    • The Committee is authorised to open and operate bank accounts in the name of the club, with the appropriate authority. The President and the Advisory Committee representatives shall at all times be joint signatory to all cheque and payment mandates.
    • The Committee may appoint Sub-committees and invite any members of the club to assist the Committee or serve on any such sub-committee.  Any duly appointed Sub-committee will report to the Committee.
    4.3 Requirements of the FACE Committee
    • All members of the Executive Committee are expected to attend monthly meetings and will be rostered for the one day of each month as an FM (FACE Meeting) day.
    • Attendance of meetings is required for the Committee.
    • Continued non-attendance without justification will be reason for removal from the Committee.
    • Committee Members are expected to be punctual, to conduct their position at office with enthusiasm and commitment.
    • These positions are all voluntary and not considered as employed positions.
    • All Committee members must submit their resignation in writing to the Chairman with a notice period of 3 months
    4.4 Meetings
    • FACE Committee meetings shall be held not less than once a month. The date and time of all meetings and the program for the meeting will be notified to members in advance.
    • The President shall chair the FACE Committee meetings. If the President is unable to attend the meeting, he/she will delegate authority to another Committee member.
    • The FACE Committee may arrange to have meetings open to non-committee members.
    • The FACE Committee may arrange extraordinary meetings.
    • The FACE Committee may take appropriate action against members who fail to attend persistently three (3) meetings.
    • The Advisory Committee is responsible for the Monthly Rostering of the Committee for the meeting.

    The Executive Committee of the FACE shall consist of the following Committee Members:
    Roles Positions Term Required
    President 1 2 years
    Beach Club & Gym memberships 1 2 years
    Social & Arts Co-ordinator 1 1 year
    Sports Co-ordinator 1 1 year
    Social & Events Co-ordinator 2 1 year
    Deals & Discounts Co-ordinator 2 1 year
    Total number of crew 8 
    The Full Time FACE Assistant will play an integral role in providing support to the Committee ie. Events, FACE Card Management, monitoring of deal expiry, etc.
    These positions are all voluntary and attract no remuneration, except for the FACE Assistant who will be Employed as part of Emirates’ ground staff.
    The committee members and their responsibilities shall comprise, but are not limited to the following:
    5.1 President

    Assumes the overall responsibility for the smooth running of FACE
    • Organizes and chairs the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and monthly Regular Meetings, ensuring,
    wherever possible, that each committee member is present.
    • Represents the club in dealing with outside organisations and the Service Delivery Management.
    • The President should at all times be updated with events, discount and any deals that are being made by the other FACE committee members. He/She needs to inform other Committee Members about all
    decisions and agreement. He/She should be the communication channel to the Service Delivery
    management to keep them fully informed and aware of the club’s activities.
    • Ensures that the Service Delivery Management is fully informed of the club’s activities.
    • The normal period for holding this position will be 2 years
    • On Resignation, the Chairman should give a 2 months notice to the Committee and the Assistant and
    ensure that names and contact details are changed for Bank Account, Club Contacts and other existing
    links they have with the Club.
    5. 2 Beach Club & Gym Membership Co-ordinator
    • Will negotiate and manage Beach Club and Gym membership contracts and maintain strong working relationships with existing hotels and gyms.
    • Responsible for the analyzing member occupancy throughout the contract with existing Beach Club and Gym memberships to review cost per head, etc.
    • Responsible for seeking out new opportunities and membership opportunities in line with our growing membership base and diversity of areas where members live.
    • Ensures the relationship is managed and built through constant contact.
    • The duration in role will be reviewed after first year. Normal subsequent review will be 2 years.
    5.3 Social & Arts Coordinator
    • Co-ordinates all social & cultural activities & events.
    • Shall co-ordinate entertainment, food, beverage and its distribution during events on behalf of the
    FACE Committee and Members.
    • Negotiates benefits and discounts at retail outlets and recreational facilities locally and down route and provides regular reports and updates to the Committee.
    • The duration in role will be reviewed after first year. Normal subsequent review will be 2 years.
    5.4 Sports Coordinator
    • Co-ordinates all matters related to sports.
    • Organise sub-committees to form sporting teams and events.
    • Represents sub-committee and reports monthly on their activities, providing a hard copy to the
    Chairman and Vice Chairman.
    • Co-ordinates all matters related to assets and sports equipment.
    • Shall co-ordinate the purchase, distribution, collection and storage of sporting and leisure equipment
    on behalf of the FACE Committee and Members. He/She shall keep a record of all FACE Assets and
    provide regular reports to the Committee.
    • Will work to secure sponsorships for the members’ sport activities.
    • The duration in role will be reviewed after first year. Normal subsequent review will be 2 years.
    5.5 Social & Event Coordinator
    • The Events coordinator will coordinate all of the big events in the FACE calendar year. This involves the formulation of ideas, budget projections, and working with the other committee members to ensure tickets, banners and communications for the events are planned and on schedule. They will be tasked with ensuring that a minimum of 300 people attend every event. Part of this strategy involves communicating events in the FACE Newsletter, and also through the establishment of an events social networking page.
    • The duration in role will be reviewed after first year. Normal subsequent review will be 2 years.
    5.6 Deals & Discounts Co-ordinator
    • Negotiate deals, discounts, sponsored evening and events locally and down route and provides regular reports and updates to the Committee.
    • Provide completed agreements to the FACE Assistant for loading onto the FACE website to promote deals, etc. to members. 
    • Present updates to Committee on a monthly basis of all updated deals and discounts.
    • The duration in role will be reviewed after first year. Normal subsequent review will be 2 years.
    5.7 FACE Assistant
    Membership Administration is provided by the nominated full time FACE employee.
    • FACE Assistant will be responsible for all the Membership issues for the club.
    • To handle the administration of FACE on a daily basis and handle all enquiries via email or telephone in a professional manner.
    • Responsible for printing of all FACE cards including cards to be given to Ab-initios on final day of training.
    • Maintain and update events, discounts and all information relating and pertaining to FACE website www.facecard.org.
    • To maintain an up-to-date live Membership Database for the Club.
    • Re-issuing of lost card is dealt with on an ad-hoc basis.
    • Liaison with Payroll for fee deductions.
    • To act as a central point for the Executive Committee, Committee and FACE members
    • All other administrative functions as required for the support and benefit of the club.
    This role will provide marketing communications for the Club.
    • Will be responsible for writing & designing content for news, contract announcements or Cabin Crew Portal write-up.
    • The Assistant will keep the Face webpage on the Cabin Crew Portal up to date with outlets and information.
    • Any new contract or deal signed will be communicated by the Coordinator through the Portal & Email
    to the crew population.
    • The content to be distributed by company email will be previewed by the Coordinator to the committee before delivery.
    • Final Delivery of Direct Emailed communication will be executed with assistance from FACE Assistant.
    Any changes to deals offered, new contracts or special events will be communicated to the Crew in a
    timely fashion using the above methods.
    5.8 Advisory Committee
    • Advisory committee will include representatives from the Cabin Crew Management department and
    other relevant support departments.
    • It will be composed of one Manager Cabin Crew and three Cabin Crew Managers assisted by the FACE
    Assistant mentioned above.
    • Advisory Committee will provide policy and direction to the Executive Committee.
    • They will advise on company policy, contracts, and brand integrity, etc in order to maintain the
    reputation of club and its association with Emirates Airlines.
    • They will provide input in selecting FACE Committee members.
    • The Committee will have an input on Communication to crew with regards to discounts and special
    promotions that are given by outlets.
    5.9 Club’s Organizational Chart
    To be provided

    5.10 Volunteers

    • A Volunteer List of Crew interested in working with Face will be maintained.
    • These members will work with the Committee on as needed basis for events & special projects.
    • They may also be compensated by the Club for their work as agreed with the Committee.
    • The Volunteers will also serve to provide a healthy pool of applicants for the future committee
    5.11 Election of Executive Committee Members

    Election of new committee members will be done in advance of the Annual General Meeting AGM and confirmed at it.
    Applicants interested in becoming a committee member:.
    •Expressions of interest should be addressed to an existing FACE Committee member.
    • Committee vacancies will be advertised to all crew members on the Crew Portal 2 months in
    advance of the AGM.
    • The Executive Committee shall be selected from amongst the full members of the club through a
    process of Elections or votes received through the Crew Portal.
    • Final appointment will be at the discretion of the existing Committee members.
    • The Executive Committee members shall serve in the committee until their term for the post ends;
    that individual voluntarily resigns from the post he/she holds; they are requested to vacate the post
    by the Cabin Crew management team due to a breach in the Code of Conduct; they fail to fulfil
    their Committee role; or they are no longer eligible to be a full member.
    • If vacancies arise in the Executive committee before the Annual General Meeting, they may be
    filled by the Executive Committee in consultation with the representatives from the Cabin Crew
    Management team from its other members.
    • The election of new members can also be done by the Committee on an as required basis.
    • The existing Committee can at their discretion remove another committee member by majority
    • The newly elected committee shall come into office at the conclusion of the AGM.
    • The President shall convene meetings of the Executive Committee.
    5.12 Recognition of Committee member’s time
    • Committee members will be given 1 day FACE Meeting (FM) for attendance at the monthly meeting.
    • The Flight hours given for an FM meeting will be 3.5 flight hours.
    • Consideration will be given to additional Office Duty time by requesting from Advisory Committee.
    • The Committee will be reimbursed from the FACE Club budget for their expenses related to the
    Club. This is covered under the petty cash control policy.
    • Where any Committee or Sub-Committee member on behalf of the club has incurred expenses and
    receipts have been produced, then that amount shall be limited to AED 100/- per item (or otherwise
    approved by the Advisory Committee). The Advisory Committee shall reserve the right to approve or disallow any such requests. It is anticipated that for any function, those concerned will submit a budget and that all expenses will be anticipated in this amount.
    • There will be a budgeted item for meeting expenses for Committee Members which may include
    • Advisory Committee will keep account of all monies received and expended, and submit a report and an audited balance sheet yearly to the AGM.

    Committee roles completing their term will be up for re-election at each AGM and members wanting to
    stand for any position on the Committee shall notify the existing Committee TWO month prior to the AGM.
    The positions will be advertised TWO months in advance on the Cabin Crew Portal. The members will be
    balloted prior to the AGM through a vote on Cabin Crew Portal and a majority vote of the current
    membership will be needed to elect the committee or individual committee members. All positions are
    valid until the following AGM except those with 2 year terms. However, the majority of the existing
    Committee can at their discretion remove another committee member by majority vote.
    An Annual General Meeting, AGM, month to be chosen, will be held annually. The date of the AGM,
    together with the agenda shall be advised to all members via company email and on the FACE website, as well as on any other media that the Committee thinks appropriate. Notice of the date of the AGM shall be as early as possible during the year and circulated at least eight weeks before the event. (Committee members need to be rostered for the event).The President shall take the Chair at the AGM, but if he/she is absent, another of the members along with an Advisory Committee member shall take the chair.

    • Information regarding its members collected and maintained by the committee for the purpose its
    business is privileged information. As such information shall not be divulged or shared with any
    unauthorised person, organisation or a commercial establishment without express agreement from the
    Executive committee and the individual in compliance with Data Protection.
    • Executive committee shall supply such establishments that require membership lists controlled access
    to ensure that such privileges are not misused or abused.
    8.1 Financial Management
    • The monthly membership fee shall be collected through direct salary deduction from Emirates Payroll
    • The funds of the membership shall be deposited in a bank account in accordance with the directions of the Executive Committee. The Advisory Committee will invest club account funds in a savings account/ fixed term deposits to earn additional income for FACE if agreed and for the benefit of the club. The funds of the Council shall be used only to meet the expenses and to carry out the objectives of the Club. The President and the Executive Committee members shall be authorised jointly to operate on the club’s bank account(s).
    • All financial transactions shall be formally authorised by any two out of three signatories on the
    account. The President, Manager Cabin Crew and Executive Committee will comprise the three signatories.
    • The Manager Cabin Crew will be provided with online access to the Club’s account to review the
    • Copies of bank statements will be made available on request to the appointed Cabin Crew Management representative.
    • The club’s financial year shall commences on 1st January and end on the 31st day of December in each
    year. The club shall keep proper books of account as necessary to give a true and fair view of the
    state of affairs of the finances of the club. The accounts shall consist of a balance sheet and statement
    of income and expenditure. Accounts are to be prepared and audited each year.
    • The Advisory Committee in conjunction with the President shall prepare a budget for the forth coming financial year and obtain approval from the Executive committee at least one calendar month prior commencement of the next financial year.
    • Advisory Committee in conjunction with the President shall prepare a budget for every event to be undertaken by the club and obtain approval from the Executive committee prior to the commencement of that event. Once the event is concluded a proper accounts must be presented to the committee for ratification no more than one calendar month after the event.
    • An Auditor, appointed by the Cabin Crew Management, shall audit the accounts of the Club. The
    Auditor shall have a right of access at all times to the books, accounts, vouchers and other information
    required of the Club.
    • The Auditor shall make a report to the Executive members on the accounts examined by him/her on a
    quarterly and annual basis.
    8.2 Approval of Club Expenditures
    This section covers the approval of expenses against any bonafide agreement which is to the benefit of
    the FACE membership. Any expense, such as payment against a formal contract, agreement or purchase
    order, must be routed through the FACE Committee. This also applies to any transaction, which could
    result in a direct debit to the FACE account.
    Approval of such expenditure signifies:
    • that the expenses incurred are for the benefit of the FACE Membership or are directly connected with
    the operation of the FACE Club i.e. telephone, water & electricity charges etc.
    Following are the required approvals / approval limits. Where two parties are indicated both signatures are
    required. Withdrawals of Funds are limited in accordance with the Authorization Table.
    Authority Level
    FACE/MCC Up to AED 50,000
    FACE/VPCC-SD Up to AED 100,000
    FACE/DSVP-SD Up to AED 500,000
    8.3 Petty Cash Control

    • This section covers the approval of petty cash payments incurred as part of the day to day running of
    FACE. Payments made through Petty Cash will be controlled through the use of an "Expense Claim"
    form. A Petty Cash "Float" of no more than AED 5,000 will be maintained with the Advisory Committee
    for FACE and used for utilising funds from the FACE account.
    Approval of an "Expense Claim" signifies:
    • that the expense has been incurred on behalf of the FACE club
    • that receipts are attached and have been checked by the Treasurer
    The Advisory Committee will be responsible for the approval of all Petty Cash expenditures. He/she will retain (for Audit purposes) a record of all Petty Cash transactions and will be responsible for the replenishment of the "Cash Float" up to the limit stated.

    9.1 Social/sports Events
    • During a Sports or Social events, the club should not charge members for attendance. However if the
    cost of such events can not be met by the club’s funds, members may be charged the difference in cost.
    • Guests of members participating in such events are required to pay full commercial/negotiated rate or
    at the discretion of the Executive committee a higher charge to disburse the costs.
    9.2 Partner Outlets
    The Club will sign agreements with various partner outlets to provide services for the Club’s members
    • A club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be used for complimentary discounts and
    • In case of a Paid agreement, the Outlet’s contract can be used as the only contract needed
    • Before signing a new deal with an Outlet, the Committee should be informed
    • After signing the contract, the deal should be properly communicated to the Members
    9.3 Sponsorship/Discounts
    Social & Events Coordinator may enter into negotiations with commercial organisations to sponsor club’s
    events to defray costs and to safe guard club’s financial health. To provide benefits to the members of the
    club the Coordinator may also enter into discussion with commercial organisations to obtain discounts.
    However all such sponsorship/discount agreements must be ratified by the Advisory and Executive committee prior to final agreement is reached to ensure that Independence and the identity of the club are not compromised.
    There is no conflict of interest between Emirates Airline’s business and such agreements.
    9.4 Communications/Club branding
    Commercial organisations that enter into such discount/sponsorship agreement may produce and
    display/distribute publicity material that includes FACE logo and identities, provided above clauses are not
    contravened. Any member of the Executive committee approached by any organisation to advertise must
    inform the Communications Coordinator of such and involve him/her in negotiations. In the event that the
    FACE logo is misused, FACE Committee reserves the right to contact said company requesting they refrain
    from use and/or enter into discussions regarding a business arrangement in accordance with the

    Any full member of the club may propose a change to the Constitution of the club.
    Such proposals shall be provided in writing to the Executive Committee member.  At the AGM, the proposed changes will be debated with Advisory Committee for approval. The vote on the motion may be taken either by a simple majority show of hands at the meeting or, on demand of majority of the members present at the meeting, by a paper ballot of all members.
    In either case the motion shall be deemed passed by the majority of those voting in favour.  General members shall be advised of such changes within 15 days of adoption such amendments.agreement with FACE and therefore they might change the discount level at short notice. Only outlets that have signed agreements for 1 year with FACE will be advertised on the FACE Card page. Always refer to the FACE page on the Cabin Crew Portal for the official updated list of deals.
    agreement with FACE and therefore they might change the discount level at short notice. Only outlets that have signed agreements for 1 year with FACE will be advertised on the FACE Card page. Always refer to the FACE page on the Cabin Crew Portal for the official updated list of deals.


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